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Similar Hardware / Bricked ESCAM QF001. Support requested.
« on: May 05, 2016, 04:11:13 am »
Dear Forum,
In short: Bricked camera QF001 ESCAM, technician of the escam suggested to update the firmware, because pan tilt zoom functionality stopped working.
Update was unsuccessful, suggested to be done via web, I have read that is risky, unfortunately afterwards.
my request: Could someone is willing to share the steps for debricking the camera, please?
I have new firmware, with long name, which was rejected by the software, so I renamed it. Not sure whether the problem was caused by this issue.
The firmware is with .bin extention. Have a putty, and tftp applications. Have read threads for debricking of Dahua and Hikvision cameras, also in Russian forums, but so far nothing.
Currently, camera is connected via LAN cable and 2 leds are blinking. I tried to connect computer with lan cable to it, however did not manage to identify the IP address of the camera. Then, from the forum managed to read that default address is again. Tried with cross over lan cable, and with normal one to ping this address, setting the computer ip address Camera is not visible in LAN IP and ports snanning programs. The ultimate chance is to use jtag holes in the PCB of the camera. I have read some articles from this forum, but not sure how the things are in ESCAM cameras.
Can you share your experience with me?

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