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June 14, 2011, 12:50:22 am
Have been chatting again to Maverick and the people at the factory.  They seem to be more into us doing stuff now.
Talking to them at the moment about redoing the WebUI for them in something more modern.

As we'll probably be doing it, anyone have suggestions for things they want added?

Note - talking about UI, not functionality for the moment.
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June 14, 2011, 03:26:18 am
I think full crossplatform functionality as a feature is relativly important. Fancy ajax stuff would make it nice and modern since there isn't much space on a 2MB flash unit for fancy graphics though.

If you are talking about pure features what I'd be looking for? Pan/tilt/zoom, control of the IR leds, http-request or something, so that full integration (on motion) with for example zoneminder is possible. Though whether that is a webui obtion :p it exposes a feature I suppose.

Anyway, got the ball rolling :)

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June 14, 2011, 04:43:14 am
as I allready mentioned in some post, I would prefer that switching resolution (to save bandwidth) doesn't change the size of the picture, or maybe make it an option ... the big black frame look rediculous and I'd prefer a pixely picture over a stampsized one.

And would it be possible to reduce the vast number of elements the UI is built from? Sometimes it takes ages before all the little graphics are loaded.

It woud also be nice to be able to input values for brightness/contrast to go directly to a certain value. The up/down sometimes reacts very slow an keeps jumping back and forth...
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June 14, 2011, 05:10:45 am
I'm thinking Ajax.
Dump the OCX crap.

Will see what they say.

I'm pushing for them to give me access to some code, as its been uphill from the start...
Plus my chinese isn't perfect...

Part of the chat I had today.. (I'm 小杜, Maverick is from the Factory - you may know already as his name comes up every boot ;)

I started off asking again how they call static module compiled into a kernel, as I haven't found out how to do that.
then moved onto him asking about web stuff, as he's seen stuff we've done, and our stuff looks better.
then he talks a bit about their new camera, probably will get sent a sample from them.
and then the usual lunch talk as its China*

*Don't get between Chinese people and eating.  Its imperative that people eat at a given time or bad things happen(tm)  8)

11:56:38 AM 小杜: 你们kernel 用 static module. module 在kernel内。  不是.ko
11:56:45 AM 小杜: .ko 可以insmod..
11:57:19 AM Maverick: 所有的 driver 都在 kernel 内,没有 insmod
11:57:39 AM 小杜: 恩,知道的
11:59:06 AM 小杜: 如果我用自己的kernel网络没有问题
11:59:45 AM 小杜: 但是我用你的kernel,我要打开你的camra网络才能用
12:00:57 PM 小杜: 怎么init module 到你的kernel
12:02:11 PM Maverick: 是的,我们在 kernel 中做了一些工作,并且把 kernel 和我们的 camera 应用程序绑定了起来。
12:02:56 PM 小杜: 网络的事情我们可以帮你忙,但是最近有点忙,7月份可以开始
12:03:18 PM 小杜: 你要给我那个cgi的东西
12:03:24 PM Maverick: 收费呢?
12:03:39 PM Maverick: 那个肯定会给你
12:04:19 PM 小杜: 这个大概需要2-3个礼拜
12:04:24 PM 小杜: 你们有预算吗
12:04:53 PM 小杜: snapshot.cgi
... (list of cgi calls deleted)
12:05:12 PM Maverick: 不是这些,是新版本的
12:05:22 PM 小杜: 哦,好的,那我灯你给我
12:06:01 PM Maverick: 我们新版本的 camera ,如果可以的话,会给你一个样机。
12:06:24 PM 小杜: 好的
12:06:29 PM 小杜: 是什么样子的?
12:06:45 PM 小杜: 是什么配件的,arm7,还是9的?
12:07:03 PM Maverick: arm9 h264
12:07:59 PM 小杜: 你这边有联系电话吗?
12:08:20 PM Maverick: 我已经做了一套网页,很简单的,但我对做网页不是很在行,效果不怎么好
12:15:24 PM Maverick: 我先去吃饭,88
12:17:50 PM 小杜: 去吃饭!
12:17:56 PM 小杜: 以后在说
12:18:02 PM Maverick: 没问题,吃饭先

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June 15, 2011, 07:52:48 am
11:56:38 AM Komori: kernel you use static module. Module within the kernel. Not. Ko
11:56:45 AM Du:. Ko can insmod ..
11:57:19 AM Maverick: all of the driver in the kernel, not insmod
11:57:39 AM Du: Well, you know,
11:59:06 AM Komori: If I use my network no problem kernel
11:59:45 AM Komori: But I use your kernel, I want to open your network to use the camra
12:00:57 PM Komori: how to init module into your kernel
12:02:11 PM Maverick: Yes, we are in the kernel to do some work, and the kernel, and our application to bind up the camera.
12:02:56 PM Du: Network of things we can help you, but a bit busy recently, in July to begin
12:03:18 PM Du: You give me something that cgi
12:03:24 PM Maverick: fees?
12:03:39 PM Maverick: That will definitely give you
12:04:19 PM Komori: This takes about 2-3 weeks
12:04:24 PM Komori: do you have a budget
12:04:53 PM Komori: snapshot.cgi
... (List of cgi calls deleted)
12:05:12 PM Maverick: are not these the new version
12:05:22 PM Du: Oh, yes, I light you gave me
12:06:01 PM Maverick: Our new version of the camera, if possible, will give you a prototype.
12:06:24 PM Komori: Yes
12:06:29 PM Komori: What is it like?
12:06:45 PM Komori: What accessories, arm7, or 9?
12:07:03 PM Maverick: arm9 h264
12:07:59 PM Komori: here you have to contact the phone?
12:08:20 PM Maverick: I have made a web page, very simple, but I'm not very good at doing web pages, the effect is not very good
12:15:24 PM Maverick: I'm going to eat, 88
12:17:50 PM Komori: to eat!
12:17:56 PM Komori: After talking
12:18:02 PM Maverick: No problem, eat first

google translate ftw :)

But also, yeah A simple, and mostly renderd by the client UI would be far superior as it would be able to be renderd fast. Most web UI's tend to render pretty slowly, most of the time due to the over use of (undeeded) images.

June 16, 2011, 09:39:08 am
What is the factory/company called producing the stuff, i believe Foscam is not the actual Factory?

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November 23, 2018, 10:13:44 pm
I think full crossplatform functionality as a feature is relativly important. Fancy ajax stuff would make it nice and modern since there isn't much space on a 2MB flash unit for fancy graphics though.