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General Discussion / pc software
« on: August 17, 2019, 10:27:11 am »
is there a pc software program that will let me run and view my cameras? i now have a dvr and nvr connected to cameras the dvr runs 12 wired analog cameras, the nvr runs 4 ip type cameras some foscam some other brands. i can see the cameras on there dvr/nvr units and monitor, and also i can view them with my phone and tablet, but the response is slower than with the pc. so if i can find a program to run the cameras on with my pc that would be great. has anyone done thes and if so what programs are you running? thanks

General Discussion / foscam question
« on: August 10, 2019, 06:19:42 pm »
i got 3 foscam cameras recently and i had one that just did not want to take my username or password even after multiple reset times. so i gave up on that one it was the f19821w  then the other 2 arrived and those connected up good. i was able to change the username and password and the ports. but i don't think these are onvif cameras. i tried to get them to show on my nvr and i could not get them connected up. they seemed to connect but the username and password i gave the cameras did not take on the nvr.

so is there  a way to get the nvr to see the cameras? or are these not real onvif cameras and the nvr will not see them. the are f18910w cameras and when i reset them to start new they came up with 88 and 80 for ports they did let me change those ports and i can see them on the tinycam app good.  the first camera that i got at first did work but then stopped and when i tried to login to it it made me change the un and pw but did not take it but when i was able to see it that one connected up to the nvr and i could see it on the nvr and record up until it failed. any help on the f18910w cameras would be great. thanks

on another note has anyone been able to register on the foscam forums? i tried a dozen times and it will not take the answer to the posed question. the one it gives me the mose is 48/4  i put in 12 and it will not go further. and when i try to use the contact us i gives me a captcha and ti then says try again later. thanks

General Discussion / analog camera question
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:31:59 am »
  i used to have wifi ip cameras and they seem to have a great image and field of view. i had them in corners and i could see the image like standing in the room and i could see just about from corner to corner. so then because those cams would not record on the dvr i set my system up to analog. i have 8 outside analog cams and they work perfect for years. i now need to find some type of analog camera i can mount inside that gives me a great image just like i'm standing in the room and one that will give me the field form the wall to wall in a corner like 90 degs.

i took a guess and installed bullet cams but the had bad images and fields of view, so to not waste any more money i'm asking here to see if anyone can better direct me to inside analog cams. they can be shelf mounted most likely upside down as they would be up above your head or they can be standoff mounted like outdoor cams.  so i can just replace what i did install in the place of the wifi ip ptz cams i had.

the cams i have now outside i just can't find anymore or i oud get more. but those are for outside and they have to look a bit further out, i need to find some that only have to see inside a 12x12 or so size room. i'm not liking the fisheye look as those are hard to id anyone. and the purpose of having cams are to id people.

so if anyone has an idea of what models will work and not break the bank please send that info along. thanks for any help.


General Discussion / how to set a hard drive to over write
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:01:49 pm »
i have an nvr model nvr6208 i installed a 500gb hard drive for 3 cameras i have some options
format storage,recover,partition,read/write,redundant,read only. what is happening is it get full and then a window pops up to tell me the hard drive needs attention. what i would like is to get it to just overwrite. i have a zmodo dvr and that one over writes but this one seems to fill up and stop recording.

i know what most of these do but what is the recover and redundant for what do they do. and what setting would i look for to have the nvr just overwrite? thanks

ONVIF and PSIA / onvif program
« on: April 07, 2019, 02:10:44 pm »
can someone tell me if they is a program that will let me see my onvif cameras and let me change the ip address and the ports and the username and password? i have ispy and i had a bunch of other like the one from russa and a few others and they just will not let me change the user names and passwords and the ip and ports. so i have a bunch of ip cams the for the most part are out of the box setups and open to outside attacks. i have a bunch of ip cameras and i have managed to change those cameras ports and usernames and passwords to the point that the tinycam developer can't get onto my system to make changes. but i now have an nvr recorder and i had to get onvif cameras for this recorder and now i can't change the ports or the usernames and passwords. i want to delete the admin for them and can't even do that. so can anyone tell me if there is a program that can do this? thanks

General Discussion / how to connect a dvr to an wifi ipcamera
« on: January 13, 2019, 04:18:01 pm »
does anyone here know how to connect a wifi ip cmarea that has a cat5 connection on it to a dvr?

i have a dvr that only has on it for a model h.264 not other information is on it anywhere on the box or on the unit or in the software.

i have my ip camera connected to my network now with the cat5 cable i want to add it to the dvr i have 3 other cameras on the dvr showing on the monitor now.

the back of the dvr has 16 channels they are baulinbcn connections. i have a cat5 coupler and a section of car5 cable with bare wire ends now and i connected them to that adapter and then to channel 2 on the dvr.

the camera is powered up with it's own power supply.

i used the orange/white and orange wires for video fees as a youtube said those wires were what the cameras use for video.

i also tried the other 3 pairs and i tried them both ways. and i still do not get a video picture on my dvr monitor.

so are the wifi ip cameras that have ptz on them able to be seen on a dvr security system?

thanks for any help

Help / locating an app
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:55:20 pm »
how can i find an app for an ip camera with just the uid numbers?  my camera has this uid number maybe someone can help me find the app for it? VSTA-304507-DVMHW . thanks

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