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Author Topic: 2.4 GHz 16dBi RP-SMA WIFI Booster Wireless Antenna anyone Tested on this  (Read 7995 times)

March 05, 2012, 10:18:43 pm
2.4 GHz 16dBi RP-SMA WIFI Booster Wireless Antenna WLAN For PCI Modem Router. which is  for sale on ebay.

wanted to find out if this will actually improve if used on IpCamera?

on the Technical Specs. it needs 50W. hmm. our IPcam only provide 5W

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March 06, 2012, 07:50:38 am
ofcourse it will work; as long as the connector fits and it's for similar frequency range.

It can handle a hf power of 50W max. which your cam will never exceed (you'r lucky to get a 0.1W out of it)

The 5W is the max. power consumption of the cam, with only a marginal part going into the WiFi.... the rest heating the insides of the cam or the parts in front via the ir diodes ;)

March 06, 2012, 01:47:22 pm
Thank you. iam goig to purchase a few .

June 17, 2012, 09:00:03 pm

New to the site and first post.   :)  Since nobody had commented on this specifically, I wanted to clarify that the FOSCAM cameras all use SMA connections, not RP-SMA.  As I understand it, this is non-standard for WiFi, but here,r:8,s:21,i:181 is a link to an RP-SMA illustration.  Note it has a female center-conductor.  From their site the picture looks like this: .

The SMA connection is illustrated here,r:9,s:46,i:314 and their site provides a picture that looks like this: .

Note it has a male center-conductor.  FOSCAM cameras need the male center-conductor, hence you will need to make sure and buy SMA antennas.

So, if you are looking to Google for enhanced antennas I suppose one should Google " 2.4 GHz SMA WIFI Booster Wireless Antenna" without the quotes and see what they find.  I learned all of this buy purchasing the wrong RP-SMA antennas myself.   :o

Am I wrong?  Anybody want to chime in and validate my input?  And sorry about the lengthy URLs.  I tried using the insert URL button to just make "here" a link and all it does it insert the URL on/off code for insertion of the link between them.  And I couldn't figure out any elegant way to wrap the text around the pictures.  Anyway, hopefully that clarification saves someone from buying the wrong antenna.