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Author Topic: onvif program  (Read 10023 times)

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April 07, 2019, 02:10:44 pm
can someone tell me if they is a program that will let me see my onvif cameras and let me change the ip address and the ports and the username and password? i have ispy and i had a bunch of other like the one from russa and a few others and they just will not let me change the user names and passwords and the ip and ports. so i have a bunch of ip cams the for the most part are out of the box setups and open to outside attacks. i have a bunch of ip cameras and i have managed to change those cameras ports and usernames and passwords to the point that the tinycam developer can't get onto my system to make changes. but i now have an nvr recorder and i had to get onvif cameras for this recorder and now i can't change the ports or the usernames and passwords. i want to delete the admin for them and can't even do that. so can anyone tell me if there is a program that can do this? thanks