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Author Topic: BSP's  (Read 9403 times)

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February 13, 2012, 12:29:23 pm
We have a number of BSP (Board Support Packages) in the files section.

I've split them into 2 different sections - ARM7 and ARM9.
The ARM7 ones are for the "older" camera's - e.g. the one in the site logo.

The ARM9 ones are for the newer gen camera's - most of the H.264 ones are ARM9.

I've updated the Grain Media ARM9 8126 BSP to 1.1 as of Feb 14 2012.
We also have the HiVision BSP in there also.

If people are interested in other BSP's I can source, upload (although they usually cost money to buy/procure sadly, even though its usually 99% open source code base).
PM me, or Skype me if you are interested, and I can see whats available.