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Author Topic: Creating a RAMFS image (How to make a ram disk image)  (Read 10202 times)

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July 17, 2011, 02:53:36 am
I generate a ramdisk image using simple tools.

See below for sample script I use.

I run this from my images folder.  You'll need to change the path to your ramfs files location to something appropriate for you to use.
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#Dangerous, but i'm  lazy
rm tmpramfs.img OPENIPCAMramfs.img
mkdir /tmp/ramfs

dd if=/dev/zero of=tmpramfs.img bs=1k count=1024
mkfs.minix -c  tmpramfs.img
mount -o loop -t minix tmpramfs.img /tmp/ramfs

# Change the folder below to the location you store your files and folders for the ramdisk
cp -av ../romdisknew/* /tmp/ramfs

umount /tmp/ramfs
gzip -v9 -c tmpramfs.img >OPENIPCAMramfs.img