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June 11, 2011, 05:18:47 am
The folks at MCUOS have ported 2.6.38 to run on the N745.

Still a bit bleeding edge, but its working -

So far a few releases..

目前支持ethernet,usb host已经测试过,WDT, RTC, KPI, I2C P0 P1, SPI, AC97,已经编写好,但是由于multifunction pin模块还没设计好,所以此版本上的驱动要使用的话需自行添加multifunction pin的寄存器设置在相应的驱动中。

较前一个版本,主要是修正了gpio bug,添加了mfp软件实现模块,添加了AC97 audio的支持,jffs2+nor的根文件系统挂载。

20110514 uart1 uart2 uart3 support added.

20110601 SD drivers added

They're using GIT, so

git clone git:// Linux2.6-armnommu-nuc700

...and away you go.

I'll still be using 2.4 for the meanwhile, but will look strongly to porting over to 2.6 once I get my current req's done.

June 12, 2011, 05:56:26 am
oh wow, this is amazing news! One big problem will remain all the devices though, such like the ethernet control I guess?

I'm debating now whether it's worth finishing the 2.4.31 port at all? Well at least the last commits I made with regard to the gcc 3.4.6 fixes should be easy and interesting.

I'm bummed that I know no chinese though :S I envy you lawrence :)

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June 17, 2011, 09:42:36 pm
I reckon we need to keep going on the 2.4.xx port.

2.6 barely runs on the 8M unit, we need 16M to be usable.

I haven't got a working kernel compiled up yet (still need to compile in both sets of GCC that are needed), and work my way through the make issues, but the notes on the test forum on this at MCUOS point to that.

For some reason I can't get my kernel build complete, but haven't put tons of effort in yet - just trying to get compiler chain(s) up and running, and getting the git repo downloaded took 2-3 days..

Once I have something compiling I'll make appropriate notes.  I've already added pages (with no content) on the wiki in preparation for that.