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Author Topic: Sricam AP005 bricked  (Read 23664 times)

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October 30, 2014, 02:17:13 pm
Purchased 2 Sricam AP005 cameras from "lightinthebox", a Chinese online vendor - probably affiliated with Alibaba.

While trying to use the 1st of these with Blue Iris software the camera would stop responding after a day or two.  Perhaps it stopped when Blue Iris was used to reposition or zoom the camera.  Am not sure of the precise cause and effect.  But I wanted to fix it.

All efforts to find firmware for the Sricam AP005 met with dead ends.  The site actually shows a link for firmware to fit the AP005, but the link is non-functional.  Contact with the site admin has been fruitless.  In essence I came to the conclusion that such firmware was not available on the web - although I am certain that Sricam possesses such firmware.

My best friend, Google, found a possible solution.  It showed me that an IPCC-7210W camera is physically and specification identical to my Sricam AP005.  Hmmmm.  Wheels turning in my brain.  I located a PDF copy of the IPCC-7210W owners manual and what did I see but that the web interface was virtually identical to the one on my AP005.   Now the wheels were spinning nearly out of control in my brain.

Google again found me downloadable firmware files specific to the IPCC-7210W camera.  The version numbers were higher than on my camera - but appeared to be sequenced similarly to the Sricam firmware numbering scheme.

So - I downloaded and installed two firmware files (designed for the IPCC-7210W) onto my poorly performing Sricam AP005.   One was camera firmware, the other was url web interface firmware that also loads to the camera.  Options to load both of these are in the original and updated firmware. I was _extrememly_ encouraged to find that I could still login to the camera and that the menu items appeared to have changed only slightly (mostly cosmetically as far as I can tell).  I was able to configire the IP address, the Alias name, the WiFi settings, and a few other things, and it was all wonderful.

BUT - and it is a BIG BUT - I did not have any video streaming to the web url.  All I ever got was a black screen.  Changing the resolution option on the menu did change the size of the black video window, but no video has passed through since the firmware update.

I dutifully contacted Sricam in China (Mr. Kevin Zhu) and confessed my sins.  Took responsibility for my problem (although I did try to justify it by necessity).  At any rate, Sricam has declined my request for firmware to resurrect my AP005 camera.  In fairness they did say I could return it to China for repair - and I guess pay the freight and repair charges.  But then it would no longer be the bargain price camera I had opted for in the first place.  I have pleaded to their sense of pride as camera vendors - but so far they seem reticent to allow the firmware to leave their facility in China.

So - out of desperation and having no other good ideas, I stumbled upon this openipcam web site and see actual discussions of firmware for various Chinese cameras.  In as much as my camera is a essentially non-functional at this point, I am open to suggestions. 

FWIW, I do still have the 2nd Sricam AP005 with its original firmware, but have no knowledge of a way to extract that firmware to install on the 1st AP005.

Can anyone advise if there is firmware available that would breath life back into my Sricam AP005?  Or does anyone need a non-video camera for really cheap!  lol

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December 10, 2014, 08:31:10 am

I am also having issues contacting Sricam about firmware updates, embedded web UI and PC software.
I have received one response with no acknowledgement of my actual inquiry over the 2+ months I have been requesting these files.
Have you ever had any luck with your issue?
If not, it might be worth checking with Wanscam to see if they will send you firmware for their HW0025 or HW0039 cameras as these appear to be the same hardware as the AP005.
It is at least worth a shot on the one you're having issues with.
I, unfortunately, am looking for these files for 2 AP004 cameras.

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December 22, 2014, 02:44:46 pm
I've a "reset to factory default" problem in my SRICAM 300 everytime it reboots. I also tried to contact their support to obtain a firmware to update, but is very difficult to get any answer.

I hope I can find some similar camera, where they have the compatible firmware, so I can use it...

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December 07, 2015, 11:51:32 am
I also think that Sricam clone Wanscam or Wanscam clones Sricam. In my case Ap004 is really similar to JW004. Anyone tries Wanscam firmware on sricam?