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Welcome to project
i know its been a while, but i hacked this firmware to enable telnet if anyone wants it

login = root
pass =

this is for the 2014 model of the iprobot3
General Discussion / how to connect a dvr to an wifi ipcamera
« Last post by corvairbob on January 13, 2019, 04:18:01 pm »
does anyone here know how to connect a wifi ip cmarea that has a cat5 connection on it to a dvr?

i have a dvr that only has on it for a model h.264 not other information is on it anywhere on the box or on the unit or in the software.

i have my ip camera connected to my network now with the cat5 cable i want to add it to the dvr i have 3 other cameras on the dvr showing on the monitor now.

the back of the dvr has 16 channels they are baulinbcn connections. i have a cat5 coupler and a section of car5 cable with bare wire ends now and i connected them to that adapter and then to channel 2 on the dvr.

the camera is powered up with it's own power supply.

i used the orange/white and orange wires for video fees as a youtube said those wires were what the cameras use for video.

i also tried the other 3 pairs and i tried them both ways. and i still do not get a video picture on my dvr monitor.

so are the wifi ip cameras that have ptz on them able to be seen on a dvr security system?

thanks for any help
Similar Hardware / Re: HiSilicon 3518e
« Last post by wannaxaxa on January 01, 2019, 02:49:40 am »
Regarde avec un ohmmètre si les connecteurs TP6 et TP4 seraient reliés à J6 DUBUG sur les deux pistes du milieu. Puis test les deux autres pistes pour trouver la terre.

General Discussion / Re: FI9831W - Linux-compatible WebUI?
« Last post by 2018cam on December 13, 2018, 12:04:50 pm »
Hi mbirth,
I'm a newbie of ip cam world, after 2 year and some months my FI9831W as stopped working.

After some search, I've found serial port and I've tried a firmware recovery with u-boot, but with a very bad result.
Now my camera is not booting.
Seems I've overwritten u-boot partition.

Using flashrom sw and Raspberry Pi I can read/write the eeprom but I dont have the image.
Reading your edit I hope You have a backup of image of your camera. :)

I've searched the files section but without success, can you give me eeprom image or a suggestion?

Help / IP Cam Identification Assistance
« Last post by bofh5 on November 27, 2018, 07:30:26 am »
Hello All
I have bought an IP cam but didn't realise it was locked down to an app that uses chinese servers to access it.
It is this one here
I don't think it's a floureon though as it got a firmware update from Yitechnology when i first set it up.
I can access telnet on it using root and no password on port 23
It shows Lobster at the top which i assume is the linux os.
There is no rtsp wo they have crippled it :(
I'm trying to figure out how i can identify if it's a clone of a Yi or something else.
The app it uses is YI IOT
I've tried every bit of software i can find to try and id it but they can't as it's locked down.
Wireshark hasn't been able to help either.
Does anyone know if there is a config file or something that might have more info about the hardware ?
It wasn't expensive so if i brick it i'm not bothered but would like to either flash a replacement firmware or enable rtsp somehow.
Thanks all
Feature Suggestions / Re: UI for Camera
« Last post by wannaxaxa on November 23, 2018, 10:13:44 pm »
I think full crossplatform functionality as a feature is relativly important. Fancy ajax stuff would make it nice and modern since there isn't much space on a 2MB flash unit for fancy graphics though.

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General Discussion / Re: How to Purchase a suitable IP Camera
« Last post by wannaxaxa on November 22, 2018, 04:21:59 am »
I'm not French but very versatile material. Plk is new knowledge. To study more

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Help / Re: Help enable telnet
« Last post by Yamonaru on September 25, 2018, 06:45:05 am »
We want to be part of giving advice and information that is beneficial to those who are looking for.
Hacking & Modding / Re: Bricked hi3516c - tried everything
« Last post by Yamonaru on September 25, 2018, 06:41:49 am »
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