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Help / Re: New IPCam Help *ad-hoc or wifi direct*
« on: April 09, 2014, 06:24:29 pm »
I don't think this is a feature of the camera, the camera will behave exactly the same when connecting to any wireless signal. what you require is setting up an ad-hoc network from laptop to camera. again its not a feature of the camera but more the way you setup a network

Help / New Guy
« on: March 21, 2014, 07:23:18 pm »
Hi Guys

Im cap new here, Found this place by total accident but it got me out the shit tonight.

So i brought two IP Camera's off ebay a few months ago, they arrived and i was pretty happy with them. they were very cheap and for the price i paid i couldn't complain about the quality or functionality.

i knew they were some cheap Chinese make when i go them. I didnt mind and they have been working fine, Only issue i have had is that one of the camera's that monitors my front garden is mounted upside down on a bracket, so ideally i would like to be able to flip the image. when i first login to the cam for a brief second i see the 2 tick boxes to flip & rotate. but they disappear as soon as the front end loads fully.

Iv thought at this point a firmware update might help add that functionality so i began to try and search for firmware. But due to the fact these were cheap Chinese cams with literally no identifying model numbers or anything i could see it was proving near on impossible to find anything on them at all let alone firmware updates.

according to the tiny piece of paper i got with the cams they are known as "B1" Series. Anyway as i said it was pretty much damn impossible to find any firmware but i finally came to something which i was about 25% sure would work. i knew i was at risk of bricking the cam but i did it anyway and applied a so called "web pages" update.

the update applied and bricked the cam could no longer reach the front page, however some software i use ispy seemed to still able to connect so i guessed it was just the http front web server part. A bit more googling and i saw a post relating to a different type of camera and a post mentioning you could simply FTP to the Cams ip and get access to the underlying file structure.

so i tried it and low and behold there seemed to be an FTP service there. Only problem was i couldnt seem to log in with any credentials i knew so i hit google abit more and eventually came across these credentials

ftp user:MayGion

it worked, i logged in (very shocked, these have been on my network for months and FTP passwords to them were default:S very scary)

i managed to bring the bricked camera back to life by copying the contents of the "www" folder from a working cam to the bricked one, and im now back online.

But now its got me thinking i noticed while FTP'd into the cam it was clearly some sort of linux OS underneath. So im guessing there will be loads of modifications and or firmware changes i can make to my cameras which are options i would like to explore.

So a few questions from a newbi,
Can you guys help identify the models of camera i have? i have attached a few images of the exterior of the camera and a few things i think might be relevant from the GUI.

If you guys can identify what exactly it is i am running, maybe you can suggest the best sort of firmware i can run? that gives me the most options? most stable etc?

Also i really don't want these things to be using default passwords on FTP service anymore so directions on how i can change that? i tried both SSH & Telnet into the cams but both seems to deny me so i cant do a passwd command to change anything.

Any & All help is greatly appreciated guys and sorry for the long ass post.


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