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Hacking & Modding / Re: GRAIN 8135S CPU SDK
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:36:29 am »
Hello folks,

Any progress with this cam ;-)? This is the only place I could find anything about the YooSee cam. It's a Techage 1080p and their web site actually contains some firmware files; I've tried this one:

After unpacking, the .bin file can bin uncompressed with 7z unpacker. There are then a few .sqsh4 files, which are mountable with the squashed filesystem type under Linux. Then one can find the scripts under etc/rc.local and a few commands for flashing the FW.

I've opened the box; be careful not to break the clumsy camera cable socket lock (happened to me of course). There are a few anonymous chips but the most important is:
- CPU: ARM Grain 8135S
- WiFi: Realtek 8188 FIV
- Eth: IC IP101GR
- Serial Programmer: 24C08E 735D2

To be able to brute force flash it, one probably needs to go through the 24C08E:

I didn't figure out so far how to communicate with it; it seems to be "write-only" (?) reading the docs.

I didn't plan to reverse this but the stupid thing has NO open ports but the dummy RTSP (which sends nothing of course) and the bloody thing sends all the audio/video stream straight after turning ON to the internet. Their CMS connects then there and reads the streams back to your LAN to see anything.

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