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Author Topic: Are AC Timers Worth It For IP Cameras And Should They Ever Be Used?  (Read 4439 times)

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June 14, 2014, 08:51:03 pm
IMHO, I think AC Timers should be used and virtually are a required accessory for IP Cameras that are in places that you won't be able to get to for hours/days/weeks.

I say this because you can get AC Timers relatively cheap as low as $4.00 U.S. from Walmart and other places and they at least allow you to always know that your IP Camera will be forced to reboot at x intervals, when/if they ever get hung up and become inaccessible remotely.

Of course the downside is that while the IP Camera is rebooting ("Powering down/up") it can't capture anything during those timer cycles you set.

Curious what others think.

After seeing this subject posted about here in the Forum many times. I wonder if others use or have thought about using AC Timers or currently use AC Timers to force reset their IP Cameras at locations they can't get to on a moments notice. When/if their IP Cameras become inaccessible remotely.

For those camera owners that do use AC Timers with their IP Cameras. How often do you power cycle your IP Cameras?


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July 02, 2014, 11:24:03 pm
I agree that if you can't get to the camera's physical location easily, you should put an AC time on them. Given the state of the technology, they can get into states where a physical power cycle is required.

I don't keep mine on one unless I'm out of town for longer than a few days. When I do have them on, I set them to reboot once a day in the mid-morning.

Also of note, I did try to use the IP addressable power controllers (Insteon) so I could remotely reboot them only when needed but alas, that technology was (1) expensive, (2) difficult to implement given the power wiring at my site, and (3) was not that reliable (would have to reboot the power controller). So after my attempt at using this technology, I went back to the AC timers.

My two cents.

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