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Author Topic: PTZ IP Surveillance Camera, -- almost set up !!!  (Read 2941 times)

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April 23, 2014, 04:06:18 pm
Hi to All,
                Camera Detail -- PTZ  DBPower VA038K, 4.5" Mini Outdoor Waterproof (and Explosion Proof  :wink: ), WiFi IR-Cut Night Vision, 3X Optical Zoom  bought on Ebay UK, origin China.
               I was bought a Camera at Christmas, and recently decided to install it.  I am at the point of being able to view it in Chrome, and can use Chrome's percentage zooms and the same through VCL, but only in Chrome.
               I want to be able to view it in IE v11, as some of the functions in Chrome for some reason, are not visible on the control panel, yet the Video can be seen, and a very good image it is.
               Still in Chrome, --  an option I can view is --  'as in IE',   the panel is visible, and more importantly the extra functions can also be seen, Speed of operation, Record, Zoom +and -, OSD, View 1,4 or 9 cams and Snapshot, that I can't see or use in Chrome or the VLC version in Chrome.
               When it loads in IE, and the login is clicked, the next screen is the same as in Chrome, but the icons for 'open in'  IE, Chrome, VLC and Mobile are not 'live', which they are in Chrome.
               In IE I have Active X installed, and have tried VLC as well, but it won't load the Video.
              I doubt if I'm the only person who has had this problem, so maybe someone can suggest the settings that I need to tweek, ?? in IE , or does IE not support the Video part.
             Any help is most welcome, and thanks for looking,
              Best Regards  astaq  (Ian)