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Author Topic: Modding Firmware using Hootoo HT-IP206 ( APEXIS APM-J011 )  (Read 9869 times)

November 06, 2012, 08:45:27 am

this is my first post and so i Want to say hello :)

I am using this cam and it's similar to the  APEXIS APM-J011 .
My problem is that my UMTS provider doesnt have a public IP (because it's behind a NAT) - so i cant control my Cam via WEB-InterFace. It works only via motion detection and then i got a mail with the pictures - but I want to control it and move from right to left...

My idea was to control the cam via MSN or Emails, writing special commands. Or maybe there is also a solution for this.

so for example whene u write at MSN messenger url? you get now the IP and port! this is already implemented in the actual firmware.
Now i want to add for example "preset1" then he will go to preset 1 and take a picture and send it to me using CGI.

how do i start? sorry im a newby in this case but im ready to learn :)

Thanks and Best
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