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Author Topic: "open video device error" does it mean my cam is dead??  (Read 12352 times)

March 04, 2013, 04:05:00 am
Hi again,

Ok, since there was no reply to my question here, I just took it the hard way and read the whole damn forum :) But it was well worth it. I have found myself an old VGA cam (QuickCam Messenger Plus) from Logitech. The drivers are there for download (, you just need them to incoroporate into the kernel source tree and compile. I get quite a few errors trying to include it into the kernel, but it compiles just fine as a module. I am attaching the module here in case anyone else has this cam and is willing to test it. I am not in the area where my cam is, so I cannot flash right away. Will do so indeed soon.

I am now looking into the 2.6. kernel for GSPCA support, but my cam only has 8M of RAM, so it is probably not really worth it. I will continue with 2.4. and build my own executable for its functions. I intend to use it in a robotic project (some of you here already did that) and it would be fun to figure out.

Hope it helps anyone ;)