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Author Topic: Chinese RT5350 cam serial port  (Read 4644 times)

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May 02, 2017, 04:00:40 pm
Hi. This is my small contribution of my hack for sharing, uart debug connection founded on B1 series Ip Camera (nwsvr), similare to MayGion vga/qvga ip cam, 1 antenna, no alarm, no sdcard, RT5350 CPU, very cheap cam but too simple...
Sorry for my strange english, I'm french.
After bricked my cam with a bad www.bin, caused by a very bad frontend web gui and some strange stuffs (freezes, sometimes reboot, losses connections), I decided to search a method to repair internal soft.
Unpacking a www.bin similar with original (but downed...), replacing bad files (aka asp files!!!) with the new files, Good!  Camera restart with good webui! But, no possibility to find any wifi spot (two spots at my home)... Sob!
Re telnetd, exploring internal directories, copying some strange files (...) newer viewed in other Linux distribution or OpenWrt packages. Reading with hex editor and dump editor, some mods to test with no more change... And a "little big" error of my stupid hand (the think positionned between me and computer!), I stupidly deleted tmp directory, not only /app /www!!! With ldr file!!! Big idiot retarded! :/
After this stupid action, i reboot the cam, telnetd connection disapear and only service ip for ftp...
Nothing for entering some linux commands!
Powering up iron solder, multimeter, big glasses front of my eyes, and founded with Ralink datasheet, the two hidden wires tx and rx minimalist uart!
My cam won't boout on normal fonctionnality, i'm not founded the LDR file on the web but ftp and telnetd will restart at this time... :/