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Author Topic: Sofia application SW ISSUE  (Read 2615 times)

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October 02, 2016, 01:38:43 pm
Hi all,
first of all congratulations for this nice place!

Some times ago I've bought a chinese DVR that has some huge problem accessing analog interfaces.
The firmware structure looks quite similar to what used for IP CAM, that's why I'm here.

In short words inside the configuration menu I can't find any kind of analog AHD camera channell configuration.

Fighting again console issue, telnet issue, squashfs imaging I'm now able to access the DVR through both RS232 console and telnet interface.

I've manually modified the rcS script in order to do not launch the Sofia application.

Tried at least three different Sofia application, but I suppose that should be compiled for the specific IC used (i.e Hi3521A for mine DVR).

While trying to launch the application from shell here's the output that explains why I'm not getting any analog interface (nor digital configuration anyway):

/mnt/usb # ./Sofia_orig --help
LibCrypto : g_cryptotype mem= 6
LibCrypto : FILE -> crypto.c, LINE -> 2574: all HWID Failed!
Aug 13 2016 14:37:55 ==>SysHWIDInit(1327): System CPU type[7] is not maching saved CPU type[0]
| LIBHICAP: Compiled at Aug 13 2016 14:37:55  SVN:2049
|TOTAL_VI_CHN_NUM                   1
|TOTAL_VENC_CHN_NUM                 16
|VENC_CHN_NUM_HOST_CHIP                     16
|TOTAL_AI_CHN_NUM                   8
|TOTAL_AENC_CHN_NUM                 16
|AENC_CHN_NUM_HOST_CHIP                     16
|HDEC_CHN_NUM                               0
|VDEC_CHN_NUM                               1
|HVR_PLAY_DECODE_NUM                        0
|HVR_DIGITAL_DECODE_NUM                     0
|                      SYSTEM INFO                                       
|  libcpypto version:           1.0.1 svn 325-chenbo Complie time Jul 19 2016 14:41:28
|       product type:           unknow: 0unknow: 0unknow: 0unknow: 0
|          slave_num:           0
| mast video channel:           0
| mast audio channel:           0
|slave video channel:           0
|slave audio channel:           0
|         alarm mode:           unknow: 0
| forward video chip:           unknow: 0
|        master chip:           unknow: 0
|    back video chip:           no chip
|    store interface:           no device
|  network interface:           no device
SampleSysInit enter
HI_MPI_VB_SetConf failed 0xa0018012!
Aug 13 2016 14:37:55 ==>foo(1575): SampleSysInit err

Command not found

Here are all of the commands:

Sofia --upgrade [file]        upgrade with file 'file'
Sofia --burnHWID [id]         burn hwid
Sofia                         start the Sofia

It looks that some HWID is not correctly set...
Do you have any suggestion ?

The bootlog shows that Hi3521A is correctly recongnised.