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Author Topic: Is there a firmware for my Ip Cam?  (Read 4119 times)

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October 30, 2015, 03:26:54 am
Hi, my name is Björn from Germany.

I have a HD Ip Cam named "Mt Vision IP Cam 20 720P" 1,3 Megapixel
it´s a "ulife cam" and only work´s with there app and software solution.

On the Bottom stand "U5881Y IP Camera"

AP PWD: ulifecam
Dev PWD: admin

I googled U5881Y and discoverd the China Manufactor "Goscam". yes, "G"oscam.

It look´s like this:

I already sniff the Ports. They are 23,80,111,5000 and 8080.
The original Firmware update comes with a update tool that sends the firmware update over Port 3075.
There is no update function inside the backend.

I already try to look inside over telnet. <but the Passworts doesn`t work there.

The picture Quality of the cam is very good but the app´s are useless for me. I wanna use my Synology Server and 3rd Party Cam Viewers. But with this Firmware, the Cam is Invissible. Only the Original Software works.

Can you help me to find a good firmware? How do I mount it?