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Author Topic: Need to edit cruise laps +In search of Firmware/web ui  (Read 2977 times)

June 30, 2015, 03:54:41 pm
Hi all

My friend has a problem neighbour and was forced to install security cameras on her house. I have let her borrow my Wansview NCB541w & she purchased her own Wansview NCM626MW.

Neither are brilliant but she has a limited budget. Both work fine but the web ui for both is pretty terrible so im on the lookout for a replacement if anybody knows of one?
The firmware is most likely out of date as well.
I'm not the most technical of people so I don't mind skipping the upgrades, what I really need to know is if there is any way to disable the 'Cruise Lap' feature on the NCM626MW?
By default you can only put in a number between 1-50 (each lap taking over a minute), which sets the camera off pointing everywhere but where it should.

Fortunatly this only happens on start-up, and with the camera being on 24/7 it was not a problem. However, the internet connection/power in the area are flaky and as soon as it loses connection/power the camera does a cruise lap and points at the wall, missing valuable evidence most times.

Hoping somebody can help me turn this off?


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July 01, 2015, 01:47:39 am
what you describe most likely ist not "patroling" but the recentering at startup, therefor the head should end up centered in h/v plane. In some gui one can disable it or save a fixed point (preset) that also can be selected as default after startup. A simpler way would be to mount the camera in such position that it points at the desired direction with the present startup "default" (if at all possible).

You should find the version of the gui in the infopage and maybe a boarsearch for wansview reveals a newer one (or have a look at support/files). With flashing the gui only, possibility of trashing the cam is low. Unfortunately, once you flash a different gui you won't be able to go back without making a backup which is not for technically unapt.