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April 09, 2015, 11:16:24 am
For $43 (delivered) I recently purchased a small, outdoor 720P ONVIF camera from China via eBay. It took a little over a month to arrive, but it did arrive. See attached screen capture of its eBay listing page. It is quite small - the camera body measures 3.75x2.75x2.75 inches. The image quality is quite nice - see the attachment.

It, like most Chinese IP-Cameras is MicroSoft Internet Explorer (IE) centric, meaning that full utility is achieved only by using IE with the camera's downloaded ActiveX installed. While I did test the camera in a Windows XP VirtualBox, I use Linux, not Microsoft products. Consequentially, this camera is sub-par for non-Microsoft use. Nonetheless, it is useful. I mostly monitor my cameras on either my Android phone or tablet and I can configure it for good operation on Android. On the Android, my preferred app is "IP Cam Viewer" by Robert Chou. It is excellent for my MJPEG and pretty good for ONVIF cameras. The other Android app that I use is just for ONVIF cameras - "Onvifer" by IPCentcom. Its image quality for ONVIF is excellent. On my desktop, I use VLC for image viewing.

The camera that I received has a wide-angle 3.6mm lens. I think that I would prefer the 6mm or 8mm as there is some edge distortion with the 3.6mm lens.

The camera's factory is Shenzhen Hong Jing Tian Electronics. The manufacturer is listed as "IPCAM" and the model as "C6F0SeZ3N0P0L0". The WiFI card identifies itself as Shenzen Oqemray Technology. The Shenzen Oqemray Technology website only lists peripherals like WiFi cards on their website.

The IP address arrives fixed at "", although DHCP can be activated, if desired.

The eBay seller that I used is affiliated with the factory. The seller's eBay name is "szhongjingtian". In an email, szhongjingtian signed her name as an employee of Shenzhen HONGJINGTIAN Electronics Co., Ltd.

FYI - this is how I access via RTSP:

rtsp://myURL/11  (Note 11 is HD & 12 is SD)

If you use Windows OS you can utilize the software that comes with the camera.

NOTE: The PDF file at the link below is for a camera with the same camera PCB. All CGI commands from it that I have tried also work with this camera:
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