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General Discussion / Re: Install CCTV for a thrift store myself
« on: July 02, 2021, 07:36:53 am »
It might take more than one night depends on your store size, if it's a wide-open space, and the display area you need to cover to avoid dust. It's better that you find some expert to help you.

Hi. My wife is a school teacher, and she also helps the academic affairs office with projects from time to time. Recently, the school is about to kick off a project to optimize teaching quality. And that became an interesting conversation between us.

I basically think if the evaluation is only based on how students perform on the exams, the whole result will be not objective enough. I mean I was a naughty kid but my teacher back in junior high was a great one. Based on my personal profession as an integrator, I naturally think the best way is to record how teachers act in class, and maybe squeeze out some data as a base. Any better ideas?

General Discussion / Re: New CCTV with VMS
« on: June 23, 2021, 03:14:58 am »
For the camera part I think you should refer to what admin tells. It's really straightforward.

For the VMS part, I'm an integrator in SC, maybe I can help with installing if you're nearby.
I'm selling Vivotek and Skyrec to my customers now. Vivotek is rather old and stable brand compared to Skyrec. But tbh skyrec's vms has a better UI and is easier to operate. I can provide some ss to you if you need them.

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