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Hi Don,
I just messaged you on skype (as V Schwartz)....
I'm going through the NDA process w/ foscam now.  I also asked a really specific functionality question there which would be the only reason I'd start hacking on f/w.  And, I agree it's unstable and a pain to keep it up to date.

Hi Don,
Thanks for such a thorough post.  I think I found the clone cam but figured I'd pass it by you and others to make sure:

For about half price (40.00), that seems like a great deal.

I would love to start tweaking on the foscam f/w since I think they missed a few useful APIs.  But, I'll continue that on the foscam forum.
In the meantime, I'd like to try some of these cams just for fun.  So far, I'm having a tough time finding pics from all angles.

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