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Hi all,

I originally thought the Maygion MIPS cameras were great because you could telnet straight into a BusyBox (Linux) shell, and upload executable files via FTP.  But unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a UART/serial port broken out on the PCB.  I want to get access to the bootloader so I can boot some test kernels over TFTP before I start flashing anything to the firmware.

If anyone else has one of these cameras, do you have any idea where the serial port is?

You can easily identify these cameras by telnetting to them and running 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' and the CPU type will be a MIPS 24K.  The CPU itself is a Ralink RT5350 which includes 2.4GHz wireless-N.

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« on: April 19, 2013, 10:58:50 pm »
Hi all,

I can't seem to work out how to log in to the wiki.  Account creation is disabled, and I can't use my forum credentials as I don't have a forum password (I'm signing in via OpenID.)

Is the wiki not intended for anyone to use?

Hi all,

I just purchased a MayGion IP camera and I'd like to replace the stock firmware with something a bit more functional.  I have a couple of questions about OpenIPCam hopefully someone can answer:

1. Is OpenIPCam just for cameras with ARM CPUs?  The wiki seems to suggest so, but my camera is running a Ralink RT5350 which has a MIPS core.

2. How far has the firmware progressed?  I can only find some test instructions which seem to suggest it is just a kernel with no userspace yet.  I have been thinking about creating an IP Camera distribution based on OpenWRT, but don't want to duplicate any effort if there is work in progress here.


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