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General Discussion / VMS or IVA vendors
« on: July 08, 2021, 06:12:59 am »
Hi. I work for a co-working space company (not a huge one though) in London. We're preparing the office for everyone to come back later this month. My boss is thinking to get a video management system to put on our Exacq NVR to count people, monitor how many people in different floors and areas, and maybe identify people's clothing; he doesn't prefer face recognition although I know it's a hot topic for counting and identification. Unfortunately, the integration we used to work with has been gone out of business, so we want to survey by ourselves first before going to other integrator we don't know. Any affordable and easy-to-use system you have used or heard about others use to monitor their working space, please share. Appreciate it!"

I am newbie here, and I really need your advices to pick a decent VMS for my business!
Any suggestions for a camera system or a (reasonably priced) plug-in to an Exacq system for pre-existing cameras (or VMS) for people counting in a workspace?

Due to covid-19,I'd like to install VMS for assisting me to count how many people are inside the building and making sure ppl keep proper social distancing.

My requirement for the VMS will be:
1. recognition of a mask face, 2. social detection
Any advice will be helpful to me!! Thanks for your time!

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