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Help / Help identify PT Network Camera
« on: October 27, 2016, 03:03:12 pm »
I received this IP Camera as an award from a website. The website says that the award was that of a Sennce SN-IP7800HD but the one I received is just some Chinese rebrand with not much except that I can access the web interface which is only IE friendly via the ActiveX access.

I've tried looking at TCPDump to see what data is being transmitted and where. 80 for UI and what looks to be 4001 for TCP traffic.

I can get a telnet prompt but no combination of admin or root seems to let me in
It's running a Hi3518E SoC but they (whoever they are) doesn't use the same root/pass that everyone on the net seem to mention.

I've tried iSpy and it doesn't seem to find a video feed either, but clearly there is because not only is the an ActiveX plugin for it, but there is also an Android and iOS app for it.

I'm just trying to get the video feed so I can make use of it. Otherwise, using IE9 and lower is just not useful.

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