Registered a URL and setup a forum as the IPCam stuff really needed its own site vs my irregular blog posts about IPCam hacking at

Author Topic: Site FTP Access for contributors  (Read 17885 times)

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January 16, 2013, 07:23:58 pm
We will enable FTP accounts for forum members who want to share development files with the community.  All uploads are served from our server, and public direct linking is allowed.  So, no more crappy file sharing sites  ;D

Files should be related to development on the devices. Examples would include firmwares, binaries, images, device applications and external tools.

Files should be compressed where possible, we prefer 7z for file compression due to it being open, being easily available, and having very good compression ratios.

We do not allow the upload of copyright protected, pornographic, offensive, or otherwise illegal material.

Uploaded files will be available under{FTP username}/

Requesting an account
To request an account, send an email to support @  Please use your forum email account when requesting an account.  In your email, please describe the sort of files you wish to upload and share from the FTP server.

Inappropriate content
If you see any files on the file server that are inappropriate, please send an email to support @ with the relevant URL to the content.

If you are having any issues with your FTP account, please contact support @

(any resemblance to this idea, the text and the text I saw on another dev forum is purely coincidental, honest   ::) )