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Author Topic: Motion detection & configurable zones  (Read 3653 times)

April 11, 2013, 11:18:07 pm

Just wondering if there are any camera's that support configurable zones settings in the actual UI itself and not just 3rd party software.

I only ask as the manual that is linked on the ebayer's listing shows this feature and their listing states the camera supports it 

Unfortunately the actual camera supplied UI does not have this feature and the UI is not only different in the manual photos to the one linked  on ebay but also different to the CD manual supplied in the box !

Screenshot of motion detect zones from manual downloaded from Ebay listing page.

Screenshot of UI from manual on cd supplied with camera.

Screenshot from actual UI onboard the camera

Now that was one of the main reasons I bought this camera and it was clearly written on the ebay listing, as I got a great big tree that triggers the motion detect even in a breeze, and that’s on the lowest sensitivity as well !

Any advice would be much appreciated.