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Author Topic: wpa-supplicant on newer (MIPS-based) Maygion cameras  (Read 9795 times)

March 08, 2013, 12:57:04 pm
Hello guys!
A couple days ago I bought the device, a nice Maygion camera (or a clone, I do not distinguish between those Chinese). The picture quality is relatively good, I'm pretty happy.

The problem is that I need to use WPA-PEAP connection that is not supported by default.
Not a problem, I am ready to set up wpa_supplicant manually.

In old firmware review (, foк Winbond ARM-based devices) I see that there were two files - cs and ws. Both of them are relatively small (~100-150 Kb).

I have a single file of 1,3 Mb.
Does MIPS version have wpa-supplicant inside? If yes, how should I manually configure it?
Can I get root access?

Sincerely yours, Oleg