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Author Topic: Heden Visioncam v5 compatible?  (Read 3398 times)

January 18, 2013, 06:26:38 am

i got a Heden Visioncam v5 cheap on eBay.
I hope that i'm right in this forum, because it's the only english speaking ressource i have found.
The cam identifies itself as CAMHED05IP. There are some similarities to other compatible cams but also to china cams.

My main problem is to somehow disable the IR LEDs, because i don't need them, and they produce useless reflections. I found a french forum where somebody connected the LEDs to the alarm trigger relais, but my circuit schematic looks different, and i am not very good at speaking french.

Does anyone here know anything about this specific model? Are there any schematics? I am looking forward to any information that is not in french. :D