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Author Topic: What means with All-in-one-cameras ??  (Read 3675 times)

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January 03, 2013, 12:31:28 pm
Hello friends !  :D

Wish u all a Happy New Year ! I am new on this IP-camera hobby. It's a very nice hobby to play with.  :)
I have been useing twocameras for some times. One Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C116 with IR and one TP-Link TL-SC3130 without IR.
Last5 week I bought two new made by Hitron. (I think.) The guy who sold them called them also 242X All In One.
When the boxes come with the post I see at once that these cameras was a much more professional product then the other two.Everything was in the boxes. CD-software and alot of user-papers.
I'm not shure if this is a "normal" IP-cam, but also a camera to use in a system with mixers and more. And in my eyes the technical data is very good. I have tried one of them asnd I'm not sure if they will work together with the old cameras in my Deskshare software. And it's alot of thin wires to control everything in a system. The Lan-plug I use have only 3 wires. I also use a 12 Volt DC connector. There are also a BNC-plug if u want a monitor I think. When I read the papers it seems to me that it is possible to use them as a single IP-camera. But I'm not sure. And my english is not good. When I read the bmanuals I also see a word I also have seen on the web. That is CCTV. What means with tgat ? Hope some of u guys can tell me if I have wrong cameras for my hobby ? And will these cameras work in Deskshare software ?
I have scanned a bit of the manual. Will try to post it here. Many thanks for reading this !!
My attachment from the manual was to big, but please tell me if I shall send it to you !

Best wishes from Morten in Norway.  ;)