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Author Topic: Wansview NCB543W  (Read 10511 times)

January 02, 2013, 08:25:20 am
Hi all,

I bought a Wansview NCB543W camera, and I see on the web gui that an alarm output can be set.
So I decided to open the camera to see if it is possible to add it.
And the answer is yes, on the PCB I see a location to put a small relay. This is notmally a Zanty ZT12-5, but I have bought Omron G5V-1 5Vdc. I should receive them shortly.

My question is : can we add more functionalities to this camera ? I see 4 location where SMD parts are not there. I think one is for a WM8731 for the sound, but the others ?

Also can we have some more information of the mainboard where the W90N745 is ?

Thank you

Best regards


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January 02, 2013, 08:04:27 pm
On the NCB 541W I tested the comm_write.cgi. Using it you can send a string out the serial console. I have considered adding a microcontroller, such as an Arduino Pro Mini to monitor the serial port to capture my commands sent via the comm_write.cgi and do stuff. Since I didn't have any particular "stuff" in mind, I didn't pursue it.

February 08, 2013, 06:07:06 pm
Hey Celem,

I'm calling comm_write.cgi:
Code: [Select]
My response from the camera is returning 'ok'. But I have a couple questions (kind of a EE newbie)
  • I'm assuming I should be connecting to the 1-4 ports in the back, even though documentation says they're for alarm data. If not, how should I connect?
  • What's the pinout? I saw somewhere they are RX, TX, PWR and GND but I can't find the thread that says that.
  • Do I need to connect all 4? ex. PWR to 3.3 port on Arduino, gnd to gnd and RX to D0 on Arduino

The end result is I want to send a 1 char command through the web interface on my camera using comm_write.cgi to a connected arduino that would parse the command and run a motor.

Thanks for your help!
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February 08, 2013, 06:49:30 pm

The comm_write.cgi command sends a string out the serial console. You must open up the camera and connect to the serial console within. Once connected correctly you can bring the 3 wires out of the camera and connect to your Arduino. Be aware that the Arduino is a 5V device and the camera is a 3.3V device so the Arduino's TX line will need diode isolation and a pullup resistor to 3.3V to avoid damaging the camera.

Read the wiki on this site HERE and HERE for some help on connecting. There are also many posts on the topic of serial connection such as HERE. There also good instructions HERE. There is info on diode isolation of the 5V Arduino from the 3.3V camera HERE.

Good luck and be sure to share your results.

P.S.: When I experimented with the comm_write.cgi command, the serial sent out some error message but, IMPORTANTLY, it also sent out the text sent in the comm_write.cgi command, enabling your Arduino to monitor and react to the cammand.

February 09, 2013, 10:01:58 am
Excellent! Thanks so much for the info. I'll be sure to post here with my results.