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November 20, 2012, 10:54:01 am
for those who can order in germany / austria Pollin Electronic has a plain "clone" cam (no ir-cut) for €49,95. It seems to be apexis OEM branded as PremiumBlue.
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November 20, 2012, 11:07:56 am
Since we are on this subject.

I can get non-branded IP cameras, which have the same functions as the FI8908W, which have now been discontinued by Foscam, for $54.80/€42.79.

The 3dBi stock antennas suck, that come with all these cameras. So I always use higher gain dipole antennas from 9dBi to 16dBi with them or for very long distances, say from a house to a barn or a house to a boat dock for example, 20dBi Yagi antennas for long distances. So far I have gone as far as 1/4 of a mile LOS ("Line Of Site") with no issues.

Device Firmware Version:
Device Embeded Web UI Version:
Free DDNS: topipcam
802.11 b/g 

I like these cameras, because they have high quality electronic components and are stable, don't freeze up or have reboot problems and have no issues, no IR-CUT, but no IR-CUT lockup issues as well, but IR works well in the dark or at night. They come with a real, 1 year warranty.

Also, I have access to very good camera accessories like, high quality but cheap, high gain antennas from 6-20dBi, including dipole and Yagi types for long distance. Waterproof outdoor camera housings for these indoor cameras, also IR LED panels that have their own built-in light sensor, for distances as far as 60m night distance ("Because you can't use the indoor cameras IR LEDs inside the outdoor housing or inside near a window, because of IR LED reflection issues") and Ethernet Cat6 cables, clips to hang cables and Active POE Injectors/Splitters.

Where I live we have a lot of farmers, as well as people that have large summer homes and boats ("MN = Land of 10,000 Lakes, lol") and people here, don't like using the fixed outdoor cameras, outdoors, they want PTZ abilities outside to watch their property including in some cases, their livestock. So they use these indoor cameras outdoors and it gets very cold in the winter and hot in the summer here. So there are heater/fan units inside the outdoor camera housings for that as well. Indoor Cameras in outdoor housing without these, will have issues when the temp drops below 40F or rises above 90F. Not to mention you need the fan for humidity issues, which can happen at almost, any temp.

I Have tried many different camera accessory products for many different install situations, learned via the school of hard-knocks, which ones work the best and are the cheapest, last the longest and are the easiest to install and use.

The only thing I have not done yet when installing these cameras, is install one underwater, lol. Yet!

So, if I can be of any help, please ask.

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November 07, 2014, 04:18:03 am
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