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Video analytics for office and warehouse purpose

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Author Topic: Video analytics for office and warehouse purpose  (Read 3947 times)

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July 08, 2021, 04:39:01 am
Hello! My brother's small company is in Manchester. Honestly, we're not too worried about COVID-19 but our board asked us to get prepared for the office reopened; so I'm helping my brother research solutions from the market.
The company is already installed Axis cameras and some NVR (not sure the manufacturer maybe Axis too), and we need more video analytics for face mask detection, space occupancy, social distancing detection, object search, and search with conditions (like the clothing or accessories), etc.
I've surveyed on some forums, asked Axis salesperson, and checked with the local integrator. Briefcam, SkyREC, Milestone are on our pocket list now. If there are some more options, please share thanks!