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Author Topic: New CCTV with VMS  (Read 2487 times)

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May 25, 2021, 03:01:13 am
Hello there,

I’m currently renovating my bakery and will be running CAT6 cabling for CCTV POE installation, I  need 30 1080p+ cameras which will be mounted onto the wall. Three facing the front of the shop, the others in the shop.

I have been looking into VMS like Vivotek and Skyrec , I’m not sure which one is better? I currently plan on running it into an VMS for at least 1 year before getting a NAS.

Any recommendations on which brand to use, for 30 camera setup.

I’m open to spend more if it is good. Thanks!

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May 27, 2021, 05:39:12 pm
Cat5 or Cat5e is plenty fine.

None of the camera's will use (or support) anything higher anyway.  30 camera's seems a bit overkill - is this a factory sized place? 
Get a decent PoE switch that will support at least 150W.

I'd probably lean towards 2 x 24 ports just to make sure there is sufficient power per camera. 
Budget at least 10W per camera, they'll use much less daytime (3-5W), and more at night when the IR comes on.

30 x 10 = 300W needed (likely more on startup or reboot or nighttime), so go for something with more headroom. - i.e. 4-500W total.

The Unifi series are good, and have decent management software - eg

I don't suggest the Unifi camera's or NVR, they're overpriced and underpar in terms of quality/bang per buck.

Camera's - 1080p is a little low res, so should be cheap.  Just make sure they support ONVIF.
HIKVision, Dahua etc make plenty of options.

As for VMS - I haven't really looked into that side in much detail.

Will really depend on your requirements, i.e. what other things than basic recording are needed.

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June 23, 2021, 03:14:58 am
For the camera part I think you should refer to what admin tells. It's really straightforward.

For the VMS part, I'm an integrator in SC, maybe I can help with installing if you're nearby.
I'm selling Vivotek and Skyrec to my customers now. Vivotek is rather old and stable brand compared to Skyrec. But tbh skyrec's vms has a better UI and is easier to operate. I can provide some ss to you if you need them.