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Author Topic: foscam question  (Read 5445 times)

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August 10, 2019, 06:19:42 pm
i got 3 foscam cameras recently and i had one that just did not want to take my username or password even after multiple reset times. so i gave up on that one it was the f19821w  then the other 2 arrived and those connected up good. i was able to change the username and password and the ports. but i don't think these are onvif cameras. i tried to get them to show on my nvr and i could not get them connected up. they seemed to connect but the username and password i gave the cameras did not take on the nvr.

so is there  a way to get the nvr to see the cameras? or are these not real onvif cameras and the nvr will not see them. the are f18910w cameras and when i reset them to start new they came up with 88 and 80 for ports they did let me change those ports and i can see them on the tinycam app good.  the first camera that i got at first did work but then stopped and when i tried to login to it it made me change the un and pw but did not take it but when i was able to see it that one connected up to the nvr and i could see it on the nvr and record up until it failed. any help on the f18910w cameras would be great. thanks

on another note has anyone been able to register on the foscam forums? i tried a dozen times and it will not take the answer to the posed question. the one it gives me the mose is 48/4  i put in 12 and it will not go further. and when i try to use the contact us i gives me a captcha and ti then says try again later. thanks