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Author Topic: analog camera question  (Read 6894 times)

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June 24, 2019, 09:31:59 am
  i used to have wifi ip cameras and they seem to have a great image and field of view. i had them in corners and i could see the image like standing in the room and i could see just about from corner to corner. so then because those cams would not record on the dvr i set my system up to analog. i have 8 outside analog cams and they work perfect for years. i now need to find some type of analog camera i can mount inside that gives me a great image just like i'm standing in the room and one that will give me the field form the wall to wall in a corner like 90 degs.

i took a guess and installed bullet cams but the had bad images and fields of view, so to not waste any more money i'm asking here to see if anyone can better direct me to inside analog cams. they can be shelf mounted most likely upside down as they would be up above your head or they can be standoff mounted like outdoor cams.  so i can just replace what i did install in the place of the wifi ip ptz cams i had.

the cams i have now outside i just can't find anymore or i oud get more. but those are for outside and they have to look a bit further out, i need to find some that only have to see inside a 12x12 or so size room. i'm not liking the fisheye look as those are hard to id anyone. and the purpose of having cams are to id people.

so if anyone has an idea of what models will work and not break the bank please send that info along. thanks for any help.


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August 06, 2019, 11:51:32 am
@rickHarley, don't post irrelevant link spam, or you'll be banned.


Analog camera quality will be based on how many lines they have, usually indicated by TVL in the camera description. 
Higher numbers are better.

Look for a low angle lens if you need a wider angle view. For a small room, it will need to be very low angle!

To be honest, I don't think you'll get what you want with analog camera's, as the quality isn't going to be there, even with the best lighting available.

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