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Author Topic: FI9820W: killer features it could have  (Read 10486 times)

October 24, 2012, 11:00:03 pm
Well, since the Foscam FI9820W uses Linux and it's possible to access it through telnet:,419.msg2396.html

it would be nice if it could have the following features:

1) fix the mime-type of the alarm e-mail (image/jpeg instead of application/octet-stream)

2) fix the sd card error after recording for a long time:

3) it could record 24h/day in longer files (it usually records 45 seconds videos only)

4) we could have face tracking for example and statistics about how many times a face was detected

5) instead of the web interface use activex or quicktime, it could use html5 for video...