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Author Topic: mjpg_streamer on kare ipcam/uclinux 3.1 kernel  (Read 6577 times)

February 20, 2012, 05:06:04 pm
in case anyone is interested, I managed to get a stripped-down version of mjpg_streamer running on my kare N5403JV 'chinese 541 ipcam' (btw, I think we need a standard name for this camera type/model other than 'the foscam clone').

Im running my own custom 3.1 kernel & version 'r63' of mjpg_streamer.
I had to modify the mjpg_streamer source code because it uses a 'plugin architecture' that dynamically loads different plugins for input & output, and I thought it would have been too much of a hassle and a waste of resources to try to enable dynamic lib loading on uclinux. So, I simply did away with all of that and 'hard-coded' the plugin code for the uvc webcam input & http stream output. mjpg_streamer has its own built-in, threaded http server/listener, so there's no dependence on inetd or anything else.

So far, this seems to work fine. Now, Im looking at adding options to dynamically change the image resolution & framerate through the http query string. The key to this is figuring out a clean&efficient way to dynamically change these settings in the video4linux2 driver without having to close/reopen & re-initialize the video4linux2 device (right now, Im getting the 'device/resource busy' error when trying to change the resolution after the device has already been opened & initialized). I really dont want to be forced to do 'reset' on the v4l2 device, since it will involve making alot of changes to the source code, but unfortunately there might not be another way.  :(

anyway, feedback/questions/comments are welcome...

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