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Author Topic: OIT Integration  (Read 9179 times)

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December 28, 2011, 01:40:51 am
I've been taking a look at the different options for net enabling the ipcams -
This looks interesting -

Pachube is an API based on the unfortunately named IoT (Internet of Things)
IOT is also an existing acronym for Interoperability Testing, so searching for decent info on it gets a bit annoying..

It solves some of the issues that need to be addressed -

OnBoard includes:
1. Device bulk-registration: Manufacturers can provision devices onto Pachube and specify
data profiles.
2. End-user account integration: Device owners can now claim their devices and their data directly on Pachube.
3. Dashboards: Once devices are claimed, device owners view dashboards hosted within their accounts.

Not sure if video feed or captures will be supported, but will have a chat to them...