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Author Topic: CLONE OR CCTV?  (Read 5230 times)

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March 06, 2016, 09:16:36 pm
My clones have been guarding the place well for years but we got thieved the other week, finally.

And caused a rethink.  My clones are, in fact, not monitored. So they are virtually sham.

Monitoring, when I've looked into it, seems to be a difficult and maybe expensive job.  I finished up hassling a lot with Ispy and couldn't get reliable performance out of it and had hassles getting a dedicated computer to handle the job with Ispy looking at four cameras.

That's the first issue: Monitoring.

The second issue is quality.  Even if my cameras were monitored the pictures are never going to show details of a face, especially night time when the thieves are about.

So I'm thinking I maybe need to go CCTV for better resolution.  For instance:

But there's 720 Clones now offered on eBay.  Would they do, I wonder?

We are watching a driveway, a backyard and the interior of a workshop shed. 

Over the years things change. I'm just wondering what things are like now.  What would you advise as the best way to go now?  Foscam clone ? or CCTV ? - wireless or cable? 

And what monitoring software?

And what computer platform.  I had an old computer I thought would be good for the job with Linux on it but it couldn't handle it.

Lastly the audio side. Any comments on the audio hardware and tactics to be used nowadays?  There seem to be lots of 8G cheap audio recorders they market as 'spy' recorders. I suppose they are voice activated and you leave them on site and check them each morning.