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Author Topic: Etiger ES-CAM3A on another manager system  (Read 7115 times)

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November 21, 2016, 01:31:44 pm

I have an Etiger ES-CAM3A outdoor IP camera, which works very well with their own software, but would like to manage it with an open-source camera management system. I found very useful but I'am unable to establish a connection with my IP camera.

The main problem is that the initial setup must be made with an app called iSecurity+ on an IOS or Android device. This device has to connect with a wifi network emitting from the camera in order to connect the camera to my home wifi network. So there is no information at all about an IP adres and admin/password login credentials for the IP camera? And after contacting the manufacturer (see below) it seems they don't want us to know :(

However when I do the setup with the app I can access the camera in my browser with the assigned ip adres from my router but it asks for a user and password. Which are credentials I don't have.

Does someone has any idea how to make this work or if this is even possible to get working?

Tech info:
I recently bought this outdoor ip-Camera ES-CAM3A from Etiger:

As an European citizen I saw this type is not available in the U.S.A. But i guess the problem occurs with
other types as well. Such as the ES-CAM2AU

I contacted Etiger and asked them if it's possible to use other management systems.
The following was their response:

For security purposes, we do not allow third party apps to function with the compatible cameras which use our system. Also, our Developing Engineers do not give access of IP address to the camera directly. The only option available would be to use the iSecurity+ mobile app to set up your camera using your smart phone.

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