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Author Topic: Please i need help with my FOSCAM 9821  (Read 7991 times)

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May 15, 2017, 01:08:57 pm
Please i need help with my FOSCAM 9821

My Foscam 9821 (plate FI9821A_MAIN_2V1 code) stopped working, as I am technician in electronics and have some maintenance equipment and decided to try to fix it, I made a serial connection to monitor the boot, to my surprise the initialization already hangs in the u- boot and does not enable or the option to enter the mode upload, I believe that the data in the flash memory SPI corrupted or it is damaged, I'm thinking of removing it from the board to make a re-programming and verification test, but it would need a complete DUMP ROM for this card model or similar, and that includes everything, kernel, root and also the u-boot, so I can use my programmer to reprogram the SPI memory and return life to my camera, please have someone to help me would be very grateful.

Eduardo Lopes  :)