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Author Topic: unpack firmware (ubi?)  (Read 8155 times)

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November 17, 2015, 04:35:12 pm

Can somebody help me to unpack firmware from chinese ip camera.
Firmware is from HeroSpeed. Link:
Version on my firmware can't be downloaded from their website (404 :/) here is a copy:

I think it is ubifs (command 'file' returns: HIT Archive data
When i try with binwalk:
0             0x0             UBI erase count header, version: 1, EC: 0x0, VID header offset: 0x800, data offset: 0x1000

Please help me, I tried to mount it on Debian but without success..
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November 17, 2015, 08:22:25 pm
Ok, I unpacked it with ubi_reader, but there are only folder: /user which contains: bin, etc, www.
But when I do 'strings' on this file, I see more data, like hash of telnet root passwd ;) in unpacked data I don't have it.
I can access via telnet, but I still want to unpack this firmware and show it at all...

Could somebody help me?