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Author Topic: EasyN reboots  (Read 6121 times)

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August 20, 2015, 07:36:07 am
Hello guys.

After a couple of days looking for information about this issue (nothing found) I bother you for your advice...

This is an easyn FS-613B-M166i. It was working ok for about 3 months, until the problem has appeared. The cam seems to boot ok (to see the boot log do I need the serial interface?). I can enter the webgui to setup the parameters (wifi, ptz, and so on), and everything is ok. When I try to connect with the cam to see the transmitted video, it suddenly reboots. Sometimes, I can see video for few seconds until the video freezes. I know that when the video stops, the reason is a reboot. Some other times, it reboots and again I can see video for few seconds until the cam reboots again.

I've tried updating firmware and webgui but the problem remains. Do you have any advice regarding this issue?

Best regards.

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August 21, 2015, 02:23:25 am
hmm, three month is a short period. On the other hand it seems like an old model that is off market for some time.
This symptoms could be caused by a bad power supply. As soon as you connect that could lead to increased power intake and trigger a brownout reset.
Does it do the "startup dance" (w/o reboot)? If so, then psu is ruled out; the motor should cause the same symptoms...
For the bootlog you definitely need the serial converter. Remember that it is 3.3V.

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August 21, 2015, 08:19:14 am
Hello schufti, and thanks a lot for your reply.

I bought this cam 3 years ago. In the first 3 or 4 months, it worked ok; later, I've had that trouble. The purpose of this cam was to watch my baby's nanny. Right now, I have another baby and another nanny... That's why I'm trying to solve this problem.

Yesterday, after 20 or 30 reboots, the cam started to work..... but just for yesterday. Today, the same problem as always... When the cam reboots it does its crazy dance. It dance only at reboot time. When (I guess) reboot is finished, the cam stops dancing and you can access fine to the admin page of webui. You can setup the parameters and everything goes ok. But... when you try to watch video, it reboots itself.

Regarding the power supply I've only tested it with a multimeter, and it gives 5.21 v. Do you think I must try another kind of test with the power supply?

Do you know if there's a way to unplug the motor in order to test only video tx?

And one more please: do you know if it's possible, with the converter, to see a log of what happens in the moment I try to watch video? It would be great to have a log to see what happens in that moment.


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August 24, 2015, 02:50:32 am

with the modern switchmode powersupplies a quick check with the multimeter is not sufficient as it gives no info about the quality of the output. Too much ripple or soikes and µCs play havock.

In general one should see some output on the serial console but to draw conclusions as what would be needed to remedy ... I doubt.

If all fails you still can try to find a fw update as it could hardly get worse...