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I bought a camera from the Aldi supermarket IPC2 same as foscam fi8904w.
Now when i came home and installed it. The software didnt recognise the cam. So i logged in to my router and then to the new
IP wich was given to the cam. Then i was shocked. No ipc2 cam or foscam fi8904w was shown but some other brand (probablyhe neo coolcam NIP-06) i think.

I attached some screens. Hope u guys can help me out recognising my cam brand and flash it.
Hopefully i can rollback the firmware to or IPC2 or Foscam Fi8904w

Please help.

Kind regards


When i log in to ip i get this,

Then when i click sign in i get image on right from the panel,

When i go to settings i see the following. Hope anyone recognize it.

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