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General Discussion / Greetings
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:12:58 pm »
Since this is the general dicussion forum I thought I'd pop by and say hello. I'm an enthusiast and by cheap gadgets to play around with. Been hacking at this for three days and finally have a working custom firmware for the x.37.2.x range.

I found an awesome guide where the guy uses GDB and Qemu to use the `camera` binary to calculate the correct checksums to sign your own firmware (not WebUI). In the coming days I plan on taking it a bit further, I'll reverse the whole function in IDA and probably upload a script on Github that does it all for you (don't think there is one yet?).

Anyway, just thought I'd say thanks for all the resources here, I ended up on this site several times during my adventure, and thanks for hosting tools and firmware.

Also since this forum seems to be more visited than the hacking & modding one perhaps I'll repeat my question here: Does anyone know the path to the WebUI html and image files are stored on the device itself (on, although it looks like it'd be the same on others)?

Hacking & Modding / Where are the web files?
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:02:43 pm »
After a lot of time I jumped with joy when I finally confirmed I was able to upload a custom firmware to my device (working off, getting the correct signature wasn't easy at first, and when I get some time I will write a script that calculates the signature for you so you don't have to mess with GDB and Qemu every time, like in this otherwise excellent blog post . Currently my firmware does nothing aside from confirming that I can do it.

I want to modify the `init` script to run some commands on bootup but I have no way of seeing the output of those commands. What I want to do is append to output of my `init` commands to one of the HTML files, so I can then just navigate to that address and fetch the result. Something like `echo "hello world" >> /path/to/www/status.htm`.

But my problem is I don't know where the HTML files and images from the Web UI are stored on the device after boot up. I tried doing it blindly, like trying `/var/www` and the other common directories but with no success.

Does anyone know the path to the web files on the device? Then I can finally scream success and take a break from my first binge of firmware hacking.  8)

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