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Help / EasyN reboots
« on: August 20, 2015, 07:36:07 am »
Hello guys.

After a couple of days looking for information about this issue (nothing found) I bother you for your advice...

This is an easyn FS-613B-M166i. It was working ok for about 3 months, until the problem has appeared. The cam seems to boot ok (to see the boot log do I need the serial interface?). I can enter the webgui to setup the parameters (wifi, ptz, and so on), and everything is ok. When I try to connect with the cam to see the transmitted video, it suddenly reboots. Sometimes, I can see video for few seconds until the video freezes. I know that when the video stops, the reason is a reboot. Some other times, it reboots and again I can see video for few seconds until the cam reboots again.

I've tried updating firmware and webgui but the problem remains. Do you have any advice regarding this issue?

Best regards.

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