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Title: Share my device to dear friends.
Post by: yandexrhino on April 17, 2014, 12:05:43 am
Hi, everybody!
Along with the raising of thefts, home security cameras are badly in need. Promising to make advanced home security easier and more accessible, Neo Coolcam released this, a monitoring monster which is capable remote controlled by your cellphone or personal computer.
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The good: Effectively IR Night Vision mold Neo camera an eagle’s eye, spying well in the darkness. Both vertical and horizontal rotation are supported. Simply remote controlling it by your smartphone through the Internet.
The Bad: This security camera is not a flexible and portable one. The combination of the organs is not so tight. It lacks a unique drive contained in itself. The installation can’t be finished without a disk drive.
The Bottom Line: All around vision wireless camera achieve almost peer-to-peer. For customers who already own an Android or IOS smartphone are capable to view their recorded footage. The camera features a resolution of 720p lens. Costing $52 low price, which is less than you’ll pay for well-reviewed competitors Dropcam.   
To put it bluntly, Neo Coolcam security camera ( resembles to a robot dog. You can straightly divided it into 3 parts. A main body, a foundation and the tail.
Based on the foundation, there is a circular platform which is connected to the ears of the head by 2 stable brackets. Between the ears, a column is fixed in the middle. The lens is attached to the column, Night Vision IR LEDs are equalized distributed around the lens.
The foundation
This part is seemed simple. You can see the logo when it faces to you. At the bottom of it, three triangle-lined cushions stably support it. If unsatisfied with the height of the camera, an included bracket could be assembled to the tapped hole in the middle. A reset hole is set on the edge.
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The tail
Coming to the back side, a cuboid box contains the connecting components. From left to right, as you see in the picture, an audio port, an RJ45 ethernet port, an antenna, an alarm input and a 5V power adapter port are in turn. The antenna can be folded.
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Material & Craft
The whole body of Neo Coolcam is armored by black plastic.
90% of the camera adopts smoothing angles, which is comfortably held by your hands though 4 corners of the tail are sharp. Imperfectly loose combination even if it’s seemed extremely exists as a whole.
Honestly, Neo coolcam offers easy set up and flexible mounting options.
First of all, wired linking. The priority is linking it to the network and power source. You may connect the Ethernet cable to a router or a switchboard to transmit the signals. Certainly, providing an earphone or an alarm if necessary.
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Second, create a drive for the device. Putting the disk into the CD-ROM and reference the description to operate step by step.
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Third, network connecting. Make sure that the drive for your device is existed. Open your browser, input the IP address and execute. An complicated IP CAM setting interface shows up. Don’t worry, all you need is just to set up the administrator’s name and the same IP to your computer.
At last, you are able to employ it as your home safety bodyguard.
1.   IR Night Vision
People doubt about the night vision of security cameras. We took some photos of our experience. 720p lens with IR red lights around, the image is really not bad in 10 meters. Adequate illumination though we turn off all the lights. Not guarantee for recognizing the face but be sure for the behaviors.
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2.   PTZ rotation system
Pan/Tilt Horizontal 270 degree rotation by the circular platform and Vertical 120 degree by the middle column supplies a comprehensive monitor. Spinning velocity is slow, which makes you easy to control. For adjusting and preheating, rotation will be launched for a while as you connect it to the adapter.
3.   Wireless IP
To remote the device, we don’t use any kind of cables. We randomly chose a computer in the other room and enter the IP address after finish linking up the Ethernet cable and DC. Signal communicated soon. The whole process is fluently without delay.
At the meanwhile, Android phones and Iphones are capable to manipulate it via apps.
4.   This camera features a speaker and microphone so you can both hear
what's going on in a room and talk to anybody in the room through the camera. 

In theory security camera is commanded for monitoring your private space with timely regulate. 3.6 millimeters focal distance and widely horizontal angles hit the sweet spot, assuming that your house is not so big as a square. Great IR night vision is the icing of the cake. No doubt a qualified stuff for house guarding unless you tighten your budget. A standing-warrior image destined not appropriate working on high. But the vertical angle effectively remedy it. 
Compared to big brands, Neo Coolcam is $20-$50 cheaper which is really worth.
Title: Re: Share my device to dear friends.
Post by: yandexrhino on June 26, 2014, 11:58:18 pm
Here is a video for this review.