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Title: Built new firmware, flashes 'successfully'. No changes.
Post by: nimble99 on November 08, 2013, 08:59:17 am
I have an IP camera based on DM368 board, and I have a firmware bin file which I have used to upgrade the camera.
I am now trying to hack the firmware, I have used FMK to extract it, modify some scripts, and rebuild the bin file.
When I upload it to the camera, it says it was flashed successfully, reboots and everything is fine - but nothing has changed.

I am changing the html files to see if they are being applied, and they are not.
So, my thought, is that the firmware header file contains a version number (which it does). Is it possible that the camera is seeing that the new firmware header has the same version as the installed one, and simply skips it?
If so, what's the safe way to modify the version number in the header IMG file - so that I don't break any checksums?